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Me & You

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Soft body

Sharp wit

I am sought out for my confidence and  warmth (besides my incredible rump). I am frequently sarcastic and always stimulating & engaging. My delicious full body is paired with a contagious laugh, and warm touch.

You adore and appreciate the female body and mind. You are looking for a beautiful woman to get to explore, know, and be treated by. You desire a luscious woman with an exceptional big booty, and the kindness to match. 

I am here to put you at ease and create a space where we can both do and say as we please, to delve into one another, and share a sublime experience. Kink friendly, and open minded! Let's make some fun memories. 


Things I love

Spontaneous adventures and traveling (26 countries so far), Negroni's, natural light in beautiful spaces, picnics, the NY flower market (with a special admiration for Peonies, Orchids and Proteas), bonfires, naps, BBQ's, costume parties, street food in foreign places, cute cafes with good people watching, spa days, and so much more. 


To view more of my day to day adventures - and more saucy pictures - take a peek at my twitter. 




Feel like indulging me with something thoughtful and sweet? Here is a list of gifts I would cherish.   

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“You have the most overwhelmingly welcoming face that can totally run the show, in the most respectable, intriguing, and fun ways. Your personality is a true positive force of nature, which is contagious, curious, and comedic. Our conversations are limitless and expanding, yet still warm and heartfelt. You always leave me with an undeniable spark of life and allows me to feel like a seen person. You are a queen.”

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1 hour- 800

2 hours - 1400

3 hours - 1900

4 hours - 2400

6 hours - 3300

16 hours (overnight) - 5000

24 hours - 6000

Each additional day +4000

**Please add 500 for couples**


I can meet you at any upscale hotel. If you cannot put the room under your name, I am happy to help by putting it under mine. Please understand that you must accommodate all hotel expenses for our time together. 

Travel dates

East Coast - 3 hour minimum + flight

Mid USA - 4 hour minimum + flight 

West Coast - 6 hour minimum + flight

I would be elated to travel to you, or with you! Send me an email and we can talk logistics.

I ask for a 20% deposit before every date.


Cancellations made within 48 hours will have a 50% cancelation fee, less than 24 hours will incur a 100% cancellation fee.


Screening Information


I understand that sending personal information about yourself to a mysterious goddess on the internet goes against all your life lessons. I promise you that all information sent is between just the two of us.


Choose from the various screening options below. 

1)  ID (you may blur everything but your name, photo) accompanied with your linkedIn URL or work website that has both your name and photo available. 


2) A selfie holding your business card, accompanied with either your LinkedIn URL or an email from your company website.


3) Two or more recent references from reputable providers that you've seen. (Please make sure to include their phone number & website (or Twitter) 

You can email me with any questions


Interested in a saucy monthly email? (Photos, life updates and dreamy date ideas)

Chat soon, xx

Make a date!

Talk to you soon!

  • Listed rates are for my companionship and time only. Anything that may or may not occur is between two consenting adults and for which there is no contract or compensation.

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